In Our Prayers


July 23, 2017

Families in our Congregation . . .

We pray for three households each week, whether they need it or not!        

Pat McGraw
Tonya and Logan McKown
Joyce Mears



Members of St. John’s . . .

Debbie Collins
Roy Early
Catherine Kreitzer
Rose Mears
Virginia Rammel
Janet Reed
Jean Roberts
Rosetta Schenck
Frieda Wolfram
Barb Adams
Sara Bell
Joyce Mears
Karen Settle
Emily Spangler




Friends of St. John’s . . .

Barry Becker (Joyce Mear’s cousin)
Joy Bishop (Suzie Page)
Rhonda Braun (Charlie Braun’s sister)
Oma Brown (friend of Nancy & Garry Andrews and Betty Dunlap)
Amanda Cline (Elijah Morris’s Mother)
Kathy Dunlap (Nancy Andrews and Betty Dunlap)
Kenneth Elstad (Nancy Johnson’s father)
Matthew Harrison (friend of Melanie Ñauta)
David Humphrey (Debbie Humphrey’s husband)
Linda Keitzer (friend of Ida Geary)
Brian Kunkle (Joy Faini)
Phyllis Kutzera (friend of Nancy McCabe)
Mike Pierce (Robin Skelding)
Dave Probert (Robin Skelding)
Carol Requarth (friend of Oscar & Suzie Page)
Tina Roberts
(Lynn Warren)
Karen Thompson (friend of Gail Braun)
June Kay Vasse (friend of Gail Braun)
Frank Vescuso  (Joy Faini)


Loved Ones in the Military . . .

Shane Lakes  (In U.S. for additional training, Grandson of Priscilla Goldie)
Brandon McKown  (stationed in Hawaii, Tonya McKown)
Cian Morgan  (Grandson of Nita and Gary Petticrew)
Jake Van  (Grandson of Priscilla Goldie)


World Ecumenism Prayer….

As we walk through the long season of Pentecost, may we be reminded of our walk-through life.  Complete with its many twists and turns, one thing is constant – Our Lord and the Holy Spirit walk with us daily.  Pray that we will always be open to the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

In Mourning: Family and Friends Of…

Viola Iler (died July 12, 2017, Gail Braun’s aunt)





At the end of each month our prayer list is emptied.  If you want to include a loved one or friend in our prayers, call Karen at the church office, 937-866-3780 or write their
name(s) on the back of an attendance sheet on Sunday and drop it in the collection plate.