Ash Wednesday is February 26

You’re invited to a very special Lenten journey, a journey that begins with Ash Wednesday. Our service begins in the sanctuary at 7 pm when we’ll prepare the canvas for Entering the Passion of Jesus.  What would it mean to our experience if we could place ourselves in those final days-picturing yourself in the story? Would we discover new ways to carry the journey forward into our lives and into our world?

When you arrive you’ll be asked to write a private note of lament or something you’d like to let go of this year. The notes will be collected, burned, and the ashes added to our palm ashes. After you receive the sign of the cross on your forehead, you’ll be given the opportunity to make your artists mark on a special canvas for Lent 2020.  Our ashes will be mixed with gesso for painting on the canvas.  It is our hope you will have a renewed sense of Lent in your life.

Everyone is invited.

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