Worship is uniquely Lutheran and uniquely St. John’s.  You’ll recognize much of the traditional liturgy of other Lutheran congregations, with modern adaptations added in various weeks.   We might use the  Apostles Creed one week and a contemporary creed another.  We often use inclusive language, broadening the image and mystery that is God.

Worship is joyful and sometimes we laugh out loud or break into spontaneous applause. Sermons are bible based, following the rotational readings of the revised common lectionary. Visitors comment that we make the “old words new again” endeavoring always to bring the good news in a way that makes it relevant to our lives and to current events.

Musically you’ll find the old hymns as well as modern revisions and contemporary music. Each week worship is adapted to the theme of the week’s scriptures and theme.  And you should know that when we “pass the peace” it could take a while.  Our congregation is friendly and makes sure they’ve said hello to everyone.

We hope you’ll visit and try us on for a new place to belong.  We look forward to meeting you. WORSHIP BEGINS AT 09:55 AM, and is presently Virtual due to Covid.