Sunday Bible Study Brunch

Our Bible/Book Study Brunch reconvenes on the first Sunday of the month, beginning with October 6.  Bring a brunch or lunch item to share, along with your copy of Rachel Held Evans book “Inspired: Slaying Giants, Walking on Water, and Loving the Bible Again.”  We’ll take on chapter 3 on the topic of “War Stories” in the scriptures.

When generations of humanity have justified wars informed by the bible, do you think it’s possible to wage war and peace simultaneously. Join us for a spirited discussion.  Are we peacemakers or are we not?

Blessing of the Animals

Our furry, feathery and scaly friends are important members of our families and God’s creation.

Join us on Saturday, October 5th at 1 PM for a short service of gratitude and blessing.  We’ll hold the service outdoors in The Lord’s Glen, adjacent to our parking lot.  Each pet will receive a personal blessing.

The Sunday School Year Has Begun

It’s back to Sunday School time!  Classes resumed on September 15  at 9 AM.  Registration is available any Sunday.

A new confirmation class will begin on  Sunday, September 29.

A new first communion class will be held on Sunday, September 29 after worship.